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Lima Info

Lima Info

Located virtually at the center of Peru’s 1,610-mile (2600km) coastline, Lima is usually the starting point for any trip to the country, but it also offers excellent opportunities in its own right to explore and discover. 

Conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded Lima in 1935, two years after the Spanish invasion. The historic city center has fine examples of colonial architecture. The highlight is the Plaza de Armas which includes the neo-classic Palacio de Gobierno, where the sitting president usually lives, the recently renovated Roman Catholic Cathedral and its museum of religious art, and the Municipal Building. 

There are also other religious buildings from the colonial era worth visiting, including the Santo Domingo Convent and San Francisco Monastery, the latter of which houses a catacombs museum. The best museum for pre-Columbian artifacts is the Larco Museum in Pueblo Libre, while good examples of colonial art can be found at the Art Museum of Lima and Museum of the Central Reserve Bank in the city center. 

The most worthwhile ruins to visit in the Lima area are in the pre-Inca citadel at Pachacamac some 19 miles (30km) south. Lima is renowned for its nightlife, especially in Barranco, where clubs offer live typical music both from the Andes and the coast as well as salsa for dancing. 

Lima’s Magic Water Tour, or El Circuito Magico del Agua, has been in place since 2007. It attracts massive crowds and draws international visitors with its spectacular mix of light, lasers, music and water. Built in the Parque de la Reserva near the National Stadium, the water park consists of 13 fountains in a range of styles. In early 2009, the Guinness Book of Records deemed the water park the largest fountain complex in the world, and it covers most of the original park’s 8 hectares. It makes for an unusual, lighthearted night out in a city famous for its architectural and gastronomic wonders.

  • Altitude: Sea level
  • Weather: Warm from November to April. Cool and damp from May to September
  • Temperature: 60 – 76 ºF – 15 – 25 ºC approximately
  • Rainy Season: Slight drizzle from June to October

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