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Royal tombs of the Lord of Sipan
Top recommendation: It is absolutely worth it to travel to Peru’s northern coast to witness one of the great agents of change of ancient Peru, the Lord of Sipan, whose gold and jewel adorned tomb is compared to that of Tutenkhamun of Egypt.

Chiclayo, where in 1987 the gold relic-laden Sipan tomb was unearthed, constituting one of the most important archaeological finds of the last half century and where ongoing excavations reap magnificent new discoveries every year. Compare The 2 Best Chiclayo Tours in 2024!

Founded in 1560 as a rural Indian village by Spanish priests, Chiclayo has grown into Peru’s fourth largest city.

Chiclayo is known as La Ciudad de Amistad (The City of Friendship), but it could easily claim the title of South America’s Archaeological Capital.

Located along the Pacific coast in a fertile agricultural valley, it is the gateway to a treasure trove of nearby archaeological sites, such as Batan Grande, Tucume and Huaca Rajada (more often referred to as Sipan).

Beyond its historical allure, Chiclayo offers a unique blend of traditional markets, picturesque fishing villages, and mouthwatering local cuisine.

No visit to Chiclayo is complete without indulging in its delectable cuisine. The city’s Modelo Market, located just a five-minute walk from the central park, is a bustling hub of culinary delights. This expansive market sprawls across several city blocks, offering a wide array of fresh produce, meat, and fish. As you meander through its vibrant aisles, you’ll also discover small booths selling clothes and everyday household items.

For those seeking a unique experience, the mercado de brujos (witch doctors’ market) within Modelo Market is a must-visit. Here, you’ll find an intriguing assortment of herbs, teas, potions, and animal parts. Snake skins, amulets, and even hallucinogenic cacti are also readily available. Engage with the enthusiastic salespeople, who will passionately describe the various uses and benefits of their products.

Join us as we embark on a journey through Chiclayo’s rich cultural heritage and discover the hidden treasures this city has to offer.

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    Opportunities for archeology tours abound, as important discoveries are made beneath the sun-baked desert landscape seemingly every year, if not every few months.

    Sipán — Huaca Rajada

    The most famous site is the Huaca Rajada (Split Temple), located next to the modern village of Sipán.

    About a half-hour drive from Chiclayo, passing through lush green sugar cane fields and the village of Pomalca, sits the archaeological site’s small research facility and site museum. An earthen footpath leads to the burial mounds where the main tomb of the Lord of Sipán was excavated in 1987.

    Lord of Sipan site museum in Lambayeque, Peru - Chiclayo Tours
    The small but very impressive site museum at Huaca Rajada, where the tomb containing the Lord of Sipan was discovered.

    This high priest of the Mochica civilization was interred about 290 C.E. with his royal entourage. He was adorned in gilded ceremonial armor, a feather headdress and a golden face plate identifiable on Moche ceramics as Ai Apaec, the highest deity in the elaborate Mochica blood sacrifice ritual.

    So exceptionally rich with precious artifacts was the Moche ruler’s tomb that it is often compared to the discovery of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. It is but one of several ancient tombs uncovered at Huaca Rajada, and archaeologists believe current excavations will reveal others.

    Most of the relics from the Sipán tombs are on display in the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán in the small colonial city of Lambayeque. Inspired by the design of ancient Moche pyramids, this modern abstract museum, opened in 2002, is one of Peru’s finest.

    What attractions are near Huaca Rajada?

    A few blocks away is the older, but also excellent Museo Brüning, inaugurated in 1924. It exhibits some Moche ceramics but also showcases exceptional ceramics, textiles and golden artifacts from several other ancient cultures, including the Chavin, Chimu, Vicús and Inca. Also showcased are relics created by the people of Sicán (C.E. 750-1375), excavated from the nearby archaeological sites Batán Grande and Túcume.

    Chiclayo Full Day: Tucume
    Túcume: 26 pyramids of different sizes, all built around an imposing central mountain in Lambayeque, Peru

    The hauntingly beautiful — and many believe actually haunted — pyramid metropolis of Túcume is well worth visiting. Túcume has an unprecedented concentration of 26 ancient pyramids built between the 9th and 13th centuries around the Cerro Purgatorio or “Purgatory Hill.”

    Pimental Pier, one of the attractions to tour in Chiclayo, Peru.
    The Pimental Pier at sunset

    If have had your fill of archeology, you can take a tour of Chiclayo’s beach circuit for their surf, ceviche and incredible sunsets. Start with Pimental, a fishing port and seaside resort popular with surfers for its great waves, and with photographers for its iconic century-old creaky pier. A few miles south is the traditional fishing village of Santa Rosa, notable for colorful wooden fishing boats, artisanal fishermen who tend to huge, long nets and paddle out to sea aboard hand-made caballitos de totora — traditional reed watercraft used in Peru for the past 3,000 years.

    Returning to Chiclayo, head to Mercado Modelo for an authentically mesmerizing market experience — particularly at the southwest corner, where dozens of stands specialize in medicinal herbs and remedies, as well as enchanted amulets and hallucinogenic cacti for the bustling local Brujo (witch doctor) clientèle.

    You are going to eat really well! The traditional gastronomy of Chiclayo and Lambayeque is mind-blowingly delicious and varied. The world class cuisine highlights Spanish, Afroperuvian, Andean and Amazon jungle influences.

    Coastal Charms: Santa Rosa Fishing Village

    Just a few miles south of Chiclayo lies the picturesque fishing village of Santa Rosa. This traditional village exudes a quaint charm, with its colorful wooden boats dotting the shoreline. Savor the catch of the day at one of the village’s simple yet delicious seafood restaurants. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample the renowned ceviche, made with the freshest seafood, or indulge in the local specialty, tortillas de raya (stingray omelets).

    To complete your excursion, make a stop at Monsefú, a nearby crafts village known for its exquisite straw hats, baskets, and fans. Take a leisurely stroll through the village, admiring the craftsmanship of the local artisans. While you’re there, treat yourself to a taste of chicha, a traditional corn drink that is a favorite among locals.

    Two iconic Peruvian Norteño dishes that you should not miss

    • Arroz con pato a la chiclayana – This classic duck with rice dish is said to have originated from Spanish paellas, where Peruvian duck meat was combined with the Spanish spices and herbs, and the chili pepper and the fermented corn “chicha” beer.
    • Cabrito a la Norteña – Succulent baby goat is slow-cooked in a golden paste of fried garlic, onion and aji amarillo (yellow pepper). Coriander adds fragrance and color, and pepper and salt give it spice. Hunks of loche (a giant green squash) gives the sauce a creamy texture and tenderizes the meat so it melts in your mouth.

    Chiclayo Top 2 Archaeology Tours

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    Moche Archaeological Tour 4 Days 3 Nights


    • Transport from and to airport
    • Three nights in the hotel of your choice
    • Huaca Rajada, Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and Tucume
    • San Jose De Moro
    • Huaca Cao
    • Trujillo City Tour
    • Chan Chan
    • Huaca de la Luna y del Sol
    • Visit with Moche Artisans
    • English-speaking guides
    • Entrance fees

    Chiclayo 3 Days 2 Nights


    • Transport from and to airport
    • Two nights in the hotel of your choice
    • English-speaking guides
    • City Tour with Shaman Market
    • Huaca Rajada, Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and Tucume
    • English-speaking guides
    • Entrance fees

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