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The 2 Best Nazca Tours for 2022 by Fertur Peru. Book Now!

Nazca Spider - 46 meters in length, positioned in relation to the moon
From high above the Nasca plains, geometric lines etched into the landscape swirl and take shape: a spider and Amazon monkey symbolic of rain, and a hummingbird associated with fertility, among other enigmatic figures.

The Nazca Lines, etched into the desert plains more than 2000 years ago. Maria Reiche, who devoted her life to studying and protecting the lines, believed they were astronomical signposts. Book your Nazca tours today with Fertur!

Several of the figures point toward the solstice. The giant monkey corresponds to the Ursa Major constellation, she found.

Many scientists now believe that several of the geometric figures indicate the location of life-giving water in aquifer channels deep beneath the bone-dry desert floor.

You can ponder this question from a birds-eye vantage point in a soaring plane, one of the world’s most enduring, enigmatic riddles: Why were giant iconic Nazca Lines etched timelessly into the desert plateau?

Nazca Tours 2022: Flight over the Nazca Lines

Nazca Full Day

If you only have one day to spare, this Nazca excursion is for you. Depart from Lima’s Cruz del Sur bus station. Then switch to a small plane to fly over the enigmatic Nazca lines.


Transfer Hotel / Lima´s Bus Station
Bus Ticket Lima /Nazca/ Lima by Cruz Del Sur Bus
Over flight Nazca Lines
English-speaking guides

Nazca 2 Days – 1 Night

Overnight lodging in Nazca and wake up fresh to experience your fly-over above the Nazca Lines – one of the world’s most enigmatic sites. Learn about the ancient Nazca culture, the story of Maria Reiche, who dedicated her life to unraveling the mystery of the figures etched into the desert plateau, and the most recent scientific theories about their origin and purpose.


  • Transfer Hotel / Lima´s Bus Station / Hotel
  • Bus Ticket Lima /Nazca/ Lima by Cruz Del Sur Bus
  • Transfer Bus Station / Nazca Hotel / Bus Station
  • Over flight Nazca Lines
  • 01 Night in Nazca + Breakfast
  • Certified English-speaking guide

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