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Nazca Highlights

Maria Reiche Planetarium, at the Hotel Nazca Lines, offers nightly lectures based on Reiche’s archaeological and astronomical theories about the lines’ origins and purpose.

Chauchilla is an ancient cemetery 19 miles (30km) from Nazca that was long ago sacked by grave robbers, who left sun-bleached bones, skulls, mummies, pieces of cloth and pottery shards strewn in the desert sand.

The Nazca Puquios are an ancient system of aqueducts, most of which are still functioning today, supplying fresh water in the desert.

Book a tour of the Chauchilla Cemetery, where you will see the skeletal remains and carefully prepared mummies from the Nazca culture (AD 200–900) and Inca Empire (1450-1532).

One of the most iconic of the Nazca lines etched into the desert plateau is the 93-meter wide Monkey.

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