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The Best Peru Tour Packages For Your Vacations With Fertur

We specialize in custom Peru tour packages that highlight Machu Picchu and other iconic attractions like Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon, Kuelap and the Amazon Rain Forest. We also offer trips to other destinations in South America, including the Galapagos Islands, the Uyuni salt flats, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires.

If you are asking yourself “How do I plan a trip to Peru and South America?” the answer is to consult experts to design a holiday that is affordable according to your preferences and budget, but never cheap. Fertur has been doing this since 1994. With three decades of experience, our family-owned and operated boutique tour company won’t disappoint.

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    Fertur Peru Travel’s pledge is to offer you top-quality, individualized attention that starts with the planning of your trip and continues through your journey to guarantee a great vacation.

    Our travel consultants will work with you, offering guidance on the best time to visit at a pace that makes sense for you. Whether it be group tours or private guides offering more unique experiences, or a combination of both, we will tailor the vacation to your specifications. We are also an IATA agency, so be sure to compare our international fares to what you find online for the best cost including air tickets.

    Get off the beaten tourist path

    Peru’s rich history and incredibly diverse culture is on abundant display in villages, towns and cities throughout the country. You will find it on isolated high Andean plateaus with air — breathtakingly fresh — to breathe and wide open vistas of ice capped mountains. And it is also nestled in the Amazon jungle, with its mega-diversity of wildlife and endemic species. Machu Picchu, the “lost city of the Inca Empire” is but one of the ancient archaeological complexes you should explore. Archaeological jewels that pre-date the Inca are everywhere, from the dense northern cloud forest, to the central Andean highlands and dotting the entire length of Peru’s Pacific Ocean coast.

    Peru Tour Packages: 100% Customizable Vacations

    Join us on a luxury boutique 16-day journey across Peru’s iconic destinations. From Lima’s historical treasures to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, each destination promises a unique blend of excitement and rejuvenation.

    16 Day Luxury Trip Peru Energy Adventure Relaxation

    Immerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere of Barranco, marvel at the architecture of Arequipa, and witness the captivating flight of condors in Colca Canyon. Lake Titicaca beckons you with its floating islands and rich cultural heritage. Embark on a scenic train journey aboard the PeruRail Titicaca Train and uncover Cusco’s hidden gems. The adventure doesn’t end there! Delve deep into the Amazon rainforest, observe vibrant wildlife, and connect with local communities. Indulge in guided city tours, exhilarating quad bike expeditions, and a journey through Peru’s history and culture. All luxury boutique accommodations. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the best of Peru with this finely curated programa.

    Joven excursionista recorriendo un sendero local con gente del pueblo en el Valle Sagrado, Perú, junto con su familia, tres llamas y un guía.

    Moche Archaeological Tour 4 Days 3 Nights

    Hundreds of years before the Incas forged an empire, the Moche dominated a large portion of the northern desert coast. For nearly 500 years, their artisans meticulously documented all aspects of their highly stratified civilization in detailed and in many cases amazingly realistic clay-fired sculptures. Today, researchers continue to excavate Moche sites making extraordinary discoveries as they piece together details to decipher the ancient cultural secrets of these mysterious people.

    But while the archaeological experts unravel the Moche’s cosmovision, their ceremonies, medical advancements and their sexual practices, you can simply marvel at the sheer beauty and artistry of the relics they left behind.

    Fertur tour group at the Huaca Cao,  on Peru's Northern Coast. The ancient adobe wall depicts prisoners paraded in preparation for ritual sacrifice.

    This four-day journey not only offers insight into their mystical and ultimately doomed world, which faded and gave way to the subsequent Chimu Kingdom. Traveling the coastal highway and visiting Spanish colonial cities, towns and beaches, you will also enjoy the warmth and good nature of the local people and experience in-person a millenarian heritage.

    Amazon Rainforest Tours 15 days 14 nights

    Want to experience the abundance of natural, cultural and historical attractions that Peru has to offer from the Pacific Coast, up into the high Andes and into the verdant Amazon rainforest? Here’s the complete program you’ve been looking for.

    This 15-day holiday adventure highlights amazingly diverse regional cultures, contrasting ecosystems and a smorgasbord of the traditional and innovative cuisines that make Peru such a world-class foodie destination.

    You will get to explore the stylish Oceanside capital, Lima, and take in the breathtaking scenic beauty of the Colca Canyon. Plying the waters of the world’s highest navigable lake, Titicaca, you will visit a floating village where the inhabitants trace their lineage to before the advent of the Inca Empire.

    You have heard about Peru being a magical land of contrasting coast, mountains and jungle? This Peru holiday package highlights them all.

    Of course, you will also explore the two-mile high city of Cusco in style, tour the Sacred Valley of the Inca and venture by train deep into the misty cloud forest to ascend the mountaintop Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The holiday culminates with a journey into the mega-diverse, Amazonian tropical rainforest of Tambopata.

    Peru Food Tour 10 days 9 nights

    This 10-day foodie adventure is a culinary traveler’s dream, offering entre into Peruvian markets, trend-setting restaurants and a state-of-the-art kitchen classroom.

    You’ll be introduced not only to great food, but also music, dance and incredible destinations, including the incomparable Machu Picchu.

    As with all world-class cuisines, Peruvian cooking is rooted in long-standing traditions and sophisticated combinations of flavors. But oh, the flavors! You’ll be introduced not only to great food, but also music, dance and incredible destinations, including the incomparable Machu Picchu.

    Students in Cusco learningn how to prepare dishess during a culinery-oriented tour of Peru. Learn secrets of the Peruvian kitchen to make mouthwatering Peruvian dishes on this culinary-oriented tour of Peru.

    Join this culinary cultural expedition designed to give you a better understanding of and love for Peruvian culture.

    Andes Magic Tour 13 days 12 nights

    This classic 13-day odyssey through Peru covers highlights. From Lima’s colonial churches to Arequipa’s arid beauty, this trip immerses you in Peru’s living culture. See Lake Titicaca’s floating islands hand-built by the Uros people. Journey to iconic ruins like Sacsayhuaman, the citadel of Ollantaytambo, and the lost city of Machu Picchu. Ride the train through the Andes to uncover this ancient citadel wonderfully preserved amid forested peaks. Walk through temples and terraces sculpted ingeniously from stone. Watch the sunrise from these mountain heights to feel the energy. An unforgettable experience.

    A Fertur tour group with their guide at one of the funerary "chullpas" of Sillustani in Puno - Peru

    Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Tour 4 Days

    Cusco’s most luxurious and historically fascinating hotel is your base for this four-day holiday. Explore the archaeological ruins of elite Inca sites along the length of the Sacred Valley, a lush green river plain, sloping gently between Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Tread the mystic grounds of Machu Picchu.

    Your Cusco vacation packages will be an inspiring experience with Fertur Peru Travel.

    Cusco Luxury Vacation 4 Days 3 Nights

    A top luxury vacation with Orient Express. Spend your nights relaxing in two of the finest, most exclusive hotels that Cusco has to offer, at a great price.

    Discover and learn about the historic city of Cusco and its archaeological ruins. Travel in comfort aboard the PeruRail Hiram Bingham train from Poroy to Aguas Calientes and then up to the mountaintop to explore the mystic grounds of Machu Picchu.

    The morning sun casts shadows on the main plaza in front of the Cathedral of Cusco.

    11 Days in Perú: Inca Inspiration Tour

    A comprehensive 11-day journey showcasing the most fascinating historical sites of Lima, Cusco and Lake Titicaca, and featuring the world’s most famous trek, the classic four-day Inca Trail en route to Machu Picchu. Breathtaking beauty, a the hike of a lifetime, and a dose of inspiration that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

    Hikers on the Inca Trail trek ascending the stone steps of Wiñay Wayna on their way to Mach Picchu.

    Peru Itinerary, 14 days 13 nights

    A comprehensive 14-day journey of spectacular attractions, from Colonial Lima and the enigmatic Nazca Lines to the magnificent Colca Canyon, Machu Picchu and the floating islands on Lake Titicaca.

    First light over Machu Picchu

    This package is designed to enchant you with Peru’s history, archaeology and living tapestry of culture. It includes private tours with our guides and delicious meals featuring traditional Peruvian cuisine.

    Traveling from Lima to Ica: 3 Days 2 Nights

    DAY 1 Lima – Ica – Nazca

    Discover the riches of Peru’s Ica region on this full-day tour from Lima. Travel through desert landscapes to reach the oasis town of Ica. Visit the Regional Museum to learn about the Paracas, Nazca, Huari, Ica, and Inca cultures that shaped this land. Stop at a traditional vineyard and bodega to learn about the centuries-old preparation of Peru’s signatory distilled spirit, pisco. Ride through the spectacular sand dunes surrounding the emerald Huacachina Oasis on an optional thrilling buggy ride. As the desert glows red in the setting sun, continue to Nazca, the the following day, fly over its enigmatic ancient geoglyphs etched mysteriously into the desert plateau.

    Two Fertur Peru Travel clients having fun on the sand dunes above the Huacachina Oasis before going on their dune buggy ride.

    This tour shows you the highlights of Peru’s southern coast and the enduring cultures that thrive in this desert.

    Northern Peru Itineray: 11 Days

    This vacation package is an 11-day odyssey through the mystic kingdoms of Northern Peru. This trip reveals the massive mud citadel of Chan Chan, built by the Chimu, masters of mud-brick architecture. Marvel at the ceramic artistry of the Moche, depicting daily life and ritual. Explore the numerous pyramids of the mysterious Tucume civilization. Then travel into the Andean cloud forest to explore Kuélap, the magnificent stone fortress of the Chachapoyas or ‘Cloud People’. Learn about this mystic warrior culture which fiercely resisted the mighty Inca Empire. From adobe desert cities to mountaintop jungle citadels, this journey unveils the astonishing achievements of Peru’s ancient northern cultures.

    The Sarcophagi of Karajia near Chachapoya

    The legacy of Chachapoya endures in the customs, food and dance of the people who now inhabit this land. An unforgettable encounter with Peru’s ancient past.

    Southern Peru 16 Days 15 Nights

    This delightful tour package is perfect for a family vacation. Start in the bustling capital of Lima, where colonial-era buildings and museums reveal the country’s complex history. Fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines etched in the desert before descending into the depths of Colca Canyon. Catch your breath at dizzying heights on Lake Titicaca as you hop between the floating islands made entirely of reeds. The climax is the ancient Inca capital of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. With ruins that let you channel past civilizations, trips by boat and train for stunning views, and cultural experiences ranging from homestays to pisco tastings, this trip packs in an exciting variety of adventures.

    Residents of Maras in Cusco's Sacred Valley harvest salt from the salt pools.

    If you want to experience Peru beyond the postcard shots, this comprehensive itinerary delivers.

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