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Julia and Christoph Zumstein from Switzerland


“Genuinely well-organised and well-executed tours; substance as well as appearance. Well done!

A very good service. We were extremely well taken care of by the friendly, professional and committed staff, both in the office and by the guides out at the sites. Highly recommended.

We really are impressed with Fertur’s customer service, but more importantly that this also translated into genuinely well-organised and well-executed tours; substance as well as appearance. Well done!

you may absolutely put our comments and photo on your website, as we are glad to recommend and support Fertur, who have been outstanding.

As well as the basics all working out (transport, tickets, entries, timings…), which is the most important thing, we especially liked the professionalism and quality of your guides. I am an archaeologist myself, and my father is a long-standing hobby-archaeologist, so we were very glad to see that especially Hamilton (Sacred valley tour), Pascual (Machu Picchu), and Mercedes (El Brujo/Huaca de la Luna) were genuinely knowledgeable and aware of academic discussion about the Inca / Moche. Compared to some other tour-guides that I overheard on site, who simply re-iterated clichés and popular myths about the Inca/Moche, most of which belong in the realm of speculation and/or fantasy, I was really impressed that (y)our guides were willing to say “this MAY have been the temple of the sun” or “POSSIBLY this may have been used for…”. They were also knowledgeable of the sites themselves and managed to navigate us to all the most interesting and spectacular places, while avoiding the biggest tour-groups, which was fantastic.

There was just one tiiiny error on Fertur’s part, not that this was important, but either you or we could have saved a little bit of cash: I have an ISIC student card, which I scanned and sent to Fertur when we arranged the booking, but the tickets that were bought for me (e.g. Machu Picchu) were all adult tickets.


Thank you again and keep up the excellent work.

Saludos cordiales,


Julia and Christoph Zumstein from Switzerland

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