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Sinchicuy Lodge Peru: 3-Day Amazon Jungle Tour. Book Now!

This 3-Day Amazon Jungle Tour at Sinchicuy Lodge, set in a tropical garden surrounded by lush jungle vegetation, where you will learn about the eco-system of the Río Sinchicuy Watershed, visit with the Yagua indigenous community, enjoy a botanical excursion and learn about Sinchicuy’s Sustainable Conservation projects. Book now this 3-Day Amazon Jungle Tour with Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge Peru!

Dive into the Amazon's wonders! Book your 3-day adventure at Sinchicuy Lodge now.
Explore the Río Sinchicuy ecosystem, meet Yagua people, and discover conservation projects. 3 days of jungle magic at Sinchicuy Lodge await!

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    • Transport from airport and on river
    • Two nights in the Sinchicuy Jungle Lodge
    • Ecological circuit of Sinchicuy watershed
    • Visit with Yaguas, one of the most ancient ethnic groups of the Amazon rainforest
    • Ethnobotic medicinal plant hunt with naturalist guide
    • “Shaman’s cottage” visit
    • Morning bird watching
    • “Kingdom of the Giant Trees” excursion
    • English-speaking guides

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    Things to Do in Amazon Rainforest: Sinchicuy Lodge Peru

    Sinchicuy Lodge Peru - Image Amazon River

    Day 1: Iquitos – Sinchicuy Lodge

    Reception at Iquitos Airport from where you will be transferred to the city. Along the way you will briefly sightsee the tourist highlights of Iquitos. You will be introduced to your expert tour guide and then continue to the river wharf from where the trip to the lodge begins. Sail on the Amazon, the world’s greatest river, onboard comfortable and safe boats. During the trip you will be able to see a marvelous panorama in which the magnificence of the Amazon makes its way through the exuberance of the jungle, where picturesque villages with their particular color and joy appear on the shores of the river.

    Jungle Lodge Accommodation

    Arrival in the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge (18 Miles NE from Iquitos). Our native-style built lodge is surrounded by trees, plants and flowers, a true tropical garden where birds and butterflies are abundant. While your expert naturalist guide explains about the lodge facilities and the activities to come, our staff will serve you with a refreshing “welcome drink” made with regional exotic fruit (camu-camu, cocona, copoazu, other).Room assignment according to reservation.

    ECOCULTURAL Circuit (The Sinchicuy Watershed Ecosystem)

    Short walk or canoe ride in the afternoon –depending on the season- to “Nuevo Peru” where a Yagua community has established. The Yaguas are one of the most ancient ethnic groups of the Amazon rainforest, discovered by Francisco de Orellana on his first Amazon River exploration. Visiting these friendly people will let you know their customs, see their unique apparel made of palm fibers and even try their “pucuna” or blowgun.

    Lunch. Notice: Food specialty products in the Amazonas Sinchicuy include fruits from the river and the field. Filets of Dorado (Brachyplatystoma flavicans) garnished with Cocona Sauce (Sissiliflorum), fresh palm hearts, beans, fried cassava and banana are a treat. Do not doubt in asking the chef for the recipe!

    In the afternoon, you will proceed with an ethnobotanic walk on a trail where you will be able to identify some species of the plant kingdom (Cat’s Claw, Sour Cane, Copaiba, Aguaje and even Ayahuasca, the hallucinogen vine).

    Visit the “shaman’s cottage” to find out about the particularities of the regional flora and its applications.

    Tour the Santa María del Ojeal farmlands where you will see an artisanal sugar cane squeeze and fruit orchard, walk around a typical village on the shores of the Amazon. You may interact with villagers as you pass by their typical houses, schools, churches and shops; you will also see the community’s sustained development projects that are possible by ecotourism support.

    Returning to the lodge you will delight to the sight of a beautiful Amazon sunset.

    Evening excursion /Amazon legends…

    Evening canoe ride or walk to sense the jungle after dark. Return to the lodge. Dinner.

    After enjoying a delightful meal, the guide will amuse you with tales and legends from the rich Amazon myths.
    Also, if you desire, our personnel will share with you a time for music and singing.

    Day 2: Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge / Yanayacu / Iquitos

    Bird watching: During morning early hours (between 5 and 6) is the most appropriate time to observe many of the bird species that feed on the river banks or in the local produce plantations nearby. Your guide will advice you regarding exact time of this activity.

    Breakfast. Fresh fruit juices and jam from the local produce (orange, melon, cocona) along hot meals and beverages to start the day. After breakfast you will board the boat that will take you to the opposite side of the Amazon River or “huashalado” as it is locally known.

    Flora and Fauna Circuit

    Flora and Fauna Circuit (The Yanayacu Watershed Ecosystem)
    During the approximately 90-minute trip to Yanayacu (by boat and by foot), you will have the possibility to spot dolphins, main characters of fantastic tales and legends told by the river people.

    Arrival in Huashalado Village from where you will make a short walk to the Yanayacu River, where another boat will be waiting to continue your excursion in what is known as the “Kingdom of the Giant Trees“, name given because of the size reached by some tree specimens amongst them the “lupuna” or ceiba.

    This is a favorite site for birds since it is in the river they find the fish and fruit that grows on its edges; even more, the thick forest offers ideal possibilities for nestling. With a bit of luck, you could also, spot monkeys moving on the tree tops or maybe a sloth hanging from a branch and thus mimetizing and making it almost impossible to be seen.

    After making a stop for lunch (box lunch) in our second lodge, Tambo Yanayacu (38 miles Northeast of Iquitos), your guide will ask you to take part on the Tree Planting Ceremony in the reforestation zone near the lodge. Later and before returning to Iquitos, you will have the chance to do native-style fishing on the river for piranhas and other species. (B/L)

    Day 3: Iquitos – Lima

    Following breakfast at the lodge, departure back to Iquitos to board flight back to Lima. (B)

    (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner

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