Will Skelton & Kim Robinette from USA

Will Skelton and Kim Robinette from USA

“Olivia, We are writing to thank you once again for your tremendous help in arranging our Peru trip. We had a wonderful time and everything was flawlessly coordinated by you and Fertur Travel. You did a great job and we appreciate it.

If you want to see some photos of our trip, including a couple or so of you, here’s an internet site where photos from about half of our trip are located; I’ve still got to post the second part of the trip but that will be several weeks because I’m off again to travel a bit in the United States; the rest of them can be found probably in October at my general web photo site: http://picasaweb.google.com/theskeltonview/. You might also send this email to Dante Tapia (driver) and Cinthia in Cusco if you have their email addresses. Thanks again. And by the way, if you could send me your supervisor or other such email, I’d love to tell them what a good job you did.”

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