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Peru Travel Safety and Health – COVID-19

Updated October 28, 2022

Peru’s government issued a supreme decree on the evening of October 26, 2022 repealing the State of Emergency due to COVID-19 that has been in effect since March 16, 2020!

The decree went into effect Friday, October 28, 2022.

With the repeal of the state of emergency, restrictions on freedom of assembly, transit and other measures are lifted. However, the declared National Health Emergency remains in effect until February 25, 2023. At this time, it is not entirely clear what provisions and requirements remain in force for visitors entering Peru. Please continue to check Peru Travel Covid 19 info frequently for updates.

Travel to Peru has reopened. No more mandatory quarantines for arriving passengers. Most of the country is experiencing “low” levels of alert for Covid-19.

As international travel to Peru continues to normalize, we are doing everything we can to ensure our trips are as safe as possible for everyone — for our travelers, our guides and drivers, our staff, and all the people we come in contact with along the way.

Renowned and breathtaking destinations in Lima, Arequipa, and Cusco are all once again open to visitors!

Are wearing masks and getting vaccinated mandatory in Peru?

As of October 1, 2022, the use of face masks are mandatory only in hospitals and for people who present symptoms of contagion from covid-19 or another respiratory disease. Showing proof of vaccination is no longer required for entry to shopping centers, markets, supermarkets, sports association venues, entertainment venues (discos, pubs, concerts, theaters, cinemas, etc.) gyms, churches and restaurants.

The mandatory use of face masks has been lifted for international flights, however it is recommended that passengers always carry a mask, as this may be required while abroad, in compliance with local rules at origin/destination.

Proof of vaccination is no longer necessary.

Covid-19 Vaccinations to enter Peru

As of Oct. 28, 2022, it is no longer mandatory to prove vaccination status to travel. It is also not necessary for children under 12 years of age to prove they are asymptomatic. The use of face masks is no longer mandatory in closed spaces without ventilation, health centers or public ground transportation, however, the use of masks remains highly recommended.

As of October 12, 2022, travelers are NO LONGER required to complete the online Affidavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization within 72 hours of their flight to Peru.

Domestic flights within Peru

All public health restrictions (showing proof of vaccination certificate or COVID test) for domestic flights in Peru have been lifted. The mandatory use of face masks is no longer required for all domestic flights within Peru.

Peru’s Covid 19 protocols for bus journeys

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory, but still highly recommended, during the ride. Proof of vaccination is no longer required for inter-provincial bus passengers.

The border crossing with Ecuador is open. The border with Chile will be open as of May 1. For Bolivia, the Desaguadero and the Kasani borders are once again allowing tourists to cross, allowing international itineraries for Cusco – Puno – Titicaca – La Paz – Uyuni to start back up!

Social Distancing in Peru

Restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores and banks are once again open at 100% occupancy. Other establishments, including salons, spas, gyms, and churches are also open at 100% occupancy.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols on the train to Machu Picchu

 It is no longer mandatory to show proof of vaccination when boarding the trains. Also, the use of face masks is optional for both train and bimodal service.

Visit our page Machu Picchu Guide 2024 for more information on health and safety measures at Machu Picchu and on the Inca Trail.

Covid-19 Testing in Peru

With locations in Lima. Appointments need to be coordinated through their web site.

Offering tests with no appointment necessary, with locations in Lima, Chiclayo, Piura, Tarapoto and Arequipa. For more information, visit their Web site. This company also provides house calls to residences or hotels for an extra fee (40–50 soles).

With various locations around Lima and in Piura, Unilabs also provides services at Jorge Chávez International Airport seven days a week, with appointments available every 10 minutes, 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. Antigen test results take approximately 1 hour and molecular tests 12 hours. For more information, check their Web site.

Clínica Peruano Suiza
A reputable and reliable testing service by appointment in Cusco, it provides molecular Covid-19 test results accepted by international airlines. For more information, check their Web site.

Traveling beyond the pandemic

After 957 days the State of Emergency for COVID-19 has been lifted in Peru. The pandemic is still not officially over. We will continue to do our best to provide accurate, up-to-date information. We hope and pray that you take all precautions to stay safe and healthy as we turn the page on Covid-19.

We are so excited to get back to what we love, showing off the remarkable culture, history and immense beauty of Peru. We remain committed providing amazing experiences, so that visitors go home counting Peru as the greatest and most memorable travel experience possible.

We look forward to a brighter future, and serving you.

You’re going to love Peru!

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