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A photograph from the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco, Lima, Peru

Visit the best places in Lima while learning the art of photography with an exceptional pro photographer. Excursions are customized to your unique interests and skill level.

The photographer is a special breed of traveler. Enticed by objects and scenery that others may overlook, travel photographers search for the angle and lighting of an experience or a moment worthy of development and revelation.

Let us take you on a full-day Lima photography tour circuit to discover and photograph the beauty of this amazing and diverse city.

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    Fertur Peru Travel’s pledge is to offer you top-quality, individualized attention that starts with the planning of your trip and continues through your journey to guarantee a great vacation.

    Topics covered include:

    • Artistic Seeing and Vision
    • Photographic Composition
    • Creative Inspiration
    • f/stop, ISO, Shutter Speed
    • High Dynamic Range
    • Portrait Photo
    • Photojournalism
    • Photoshop + Nik Color Efex Pro
    • Histograms, Levels, Dodging
    Lima Photography Tour

    (Max: 10 Participants / Subject to availability)
    Prices available upon request

    A wonderful Lima photography tour with Fertur

    Some of the destinations:

    • Barranco — Since 1874, a seaside enclave for Lima’s aristocracy and later a bohemian epicenter for  artists and intellectuals. The air is filled with the inviting smell of freshly roasted coffee and baked bread, Criollo guitar melodies and tradition. The main plaza, fronted by the municipal library on one side and Saint Francis Chapel, is an architectural gem. Down a broad stepped alleyway is the the Bridge of Sighs, where generations of young lovers stole their first kiss. The La Bajada de Baños walkway takes you past colorful colonial- and Republican-era houses and cafes to a plazoleta overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
    • Plaza San Martin – The combination of fountains, manicured gardens, marble railings, granite pavement, and old majestic hotels that flank this beautiful plaza often reminds visitors of European cities. The centerpiece of the plaza is a monument to the Argentinian who liberated the country from the Spanish Crown, “General San Martin.” Depicted as riding a horse, this sculpture of San Martin makes for a dramatic addition to shots that also take in the architectural beauty of this site.
    • Jirón de la Union – A pedestrian walkway that connects the Plaza San Martin with the Plaza Mayor, its busy nature makes it a perfect place to people watch and capture the human essence of historic downtown. Laughing children, sexagenarian couples with small, black bowler hats that reveal their high-mountain ancestry, city police officers in full costume, and hundreds of other Peruvians making their way down the Jiron provide countless opportunities for portraits of city life.
    • Plaza Mayor – Also known as the “Plaza de Armas,” this large, picturesque square is situated in the heart of the city. Being surrounded on all sides by a number of buildings that date back to the Spanish colonial era and the centerpiece of a UNESCO World Heritage site, landscape enthusiasts could spend all day taking hundreds of shots that include the plaza and such breathtaking structures as the Municipal Palace, Archbishop’s Palace, and the Cathedral.
    • Bar Cordano – The culinary prowess of Lima, Peru is downright famous and most international food critics are in agreement in naming it the gastronomic capital of South America. Eating and drinking are inherent aspects of Peru and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to capturing the flavor of this exciting country. One of the best places to do so in Lima is at the Bar Cordano. Dating from the 1920s, the swinging, “saloon-style” doors, waiters with bow ties, and checkered tablecloths fill this eating and drinking establishment with character that begs to be captured with a picture.
    • Central Market – Find and photograph just about anything at Lima’s Central Market.
    • Silver Section – Watch the entire process of converting raw silver ingots to fine silver jewelry by hand.
    • Chinatown – Large numbers of Chinese immigrated to Peru during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with many of them settling down in Lima. Their influence is most easily seen in the proliferation of Chinese restaurants in Lima but the heart and soul of Peru’s Chinese community is best experienced in the Barrio Chino or “Chinatown.” The entrance to Lima’s Chinatown is well-marked by a large Chinese arch that was donated by the Chinese government in 1997. Shots of this modern monument not only demonstrate the diversity of modern Lima but can also capture the hustle and bustle of the city as a number of pedestrians are make their way into the frame. Past the arch, Lima’s Chinatown is filled with photo opportunities that take in the wares of eclectic, Chinese-Peruvian shops and the crowds that visit the area for shopping.

    About Our Guides:

    Jeff Cremer, photographer

    Originally from Colorado, Jeff Cremer is an award-winning travel photographer based in Lima, Peru. His work has been displayed in galleries around the world and published in numerous books and magazines. His gigapixel photography work was published in “EARTH Platinum Edition”, the worldʼs largest atlas which retails for $100,000 per copy.
    He also holds the record for the largest picture ever taken of Machu Picchu: a 16 gigapixel panorama and his 22 gigapixel photo of Miraflores is one of the top 20 largest photos in the world.

    Jaime Quiroz. photographer

    Jaime Quiroz has been a commercial photographer, multimedia consultant and travel guide for more than two decades. He is the owner of trueMedia® design studio.
    A graduate of Lima’s Toulouse Lautrec Institute, Jaime specializes in photography and adventure mountain bike trips.
    He is a regular presenter and participant in forums dealing with Ecotourism and the environment and also works as a consultant in the development and planning of adventure tourism routes in and around the City of Kings.


    • Transportation
    • Light lunch
    • All Entrance Fees
    • Duration: 4-6 hours

    What to bring?


    Just bring your camera, and Jaime or Jeff will teach you the rest, from photographic composition and aperture settings to digital darkroom techniques. It is recommended that you have a large memory card and extra batteries. These visits are great for anyone with a camera. Photography is about having artistic vision and knowing how to use the equipment you have to capture the moments, not about expensive camera equipment. Wear comfortable clothes, walking shoes, sun screen, a jacket or sweater (afternoons may be windy on occasion) and a small bag. Please bring only a photocopy of your passport or ID and small quantities of cash.

    Intermediate to Advanced:

    We will correspond with you to discuss the best choice of lenses based on the type of shots you are most interested in taking. A trained assistant is available to carry gear, if you want to bring a fuller array of equipment. 

    Lima photo tour
    Lima photo tour – a remarkable variety of angles through which to really see Peru’s vibrant capital city

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