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Ica Highlights

Pisco Spirit and Desert Oasis Tours

Bodega Vista Allegre

located just outside the city at the end of a eucalyptus tree-lined avenue, is this old wine- and pisco-producing hacienda. Bodega Tacama, one of Peru’s major producers of wine and pisco, is a couple of miles up the road. About 20 miles (32km) south of Ica is Bodega Ocucaje, another of Peru’s finest vineyards, offering tours and tasting sessions.


a village three miles (5km) from town, is a veritable oasis surrounded by sand dunes soaring to incredible heights. The village — consisting of a lake framed by two narrow streets of splendid colonial houses — has become a Mecca for sand boarders.

lagoon Huacachina -  Ica

Regional  Museum Maria Reiche

Sanctuary Mrs. of  Luren

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