13th Annual National Pisco Sour Day!

13th Annual National Pisco Sour Day!

It was 13 years ago today that the tradition was born: The first Saturday of every February is Peru’s National Pisco Sour day.

Journalist Virginia Rey-Sanchez, then a reporter for Dow Jones Newswire, was the person who first proposed the idea of a day dedicated to Peru’s delectable cocktail to her friend and mentor Raul Vargas, the voice of Radioprogramas radio, and publicist Gustavo Rodriguez.

They then turned to this man, Eloy Cuadros, head barman of the legendary Maury Hotel bar in historic downtown Lima, to provide the official recipe.

Visitors from all over the world — American, French, Spanish, Chinese, Canadian —  make it  a point to take a break during their  tour of Lima to stop by the Maury bar and have one its legendary Pisco Sours, mixed by Eloy Cuadros.

“I gave the official recipe in 2002, when the official day of pisco sour was first declared,” says Cuadros, as he mixes up a double. “Three-one-one. Three parts pisco, one of (simple) syrup, one of lime juice, an egg white, mix with ice and finish with a drop of (Angostura) bitters.” 

Cuadros, 73, says he receives mixology aficionados from all over the world wishing to sample his version of Peru’s flagship cocktail. 

During a tour of Lima's historic city center, treat yourself to a perfect pisco sour mixed by one of Peru's master mixologists, Eloy Cuadros. “I have been here as the head bar man for 54 years,” he says. “I work with a great deal of pride. People do come from all over to try the pisco sour and because they want to meet me. Many of them have seen me in magazines or read about me in books.”

Three years ago, he says, a French tourist came into the bar. “He said he had come on a bet to have me sign a book about pisco, but not just my signature, my fingerprint, too,” Cuadros recalls. “I signed the book that he put on the bar and he won his bet.”

Cuadros says he hopes Peruvians and lovers of the Pisco Sour continue the tradition.

“Always use the official measurements, use quality liquor and the pisco sour, the original, will continue for many more generations.”Eloy Cuadros serves up the perfect double pisco sour for Pisco Sour Day


Eloy Cuadros, renowned head barman from the legendary Hotel Maury bar, mixes up the perfect pisco sour.

Eloy Cuadros, renowned head barman at the legendary Hotel Maury bar, mixes up the perfect pisco sour.

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