Siduith Ferrer Herrera

Dear Friends:

Visitors have always been drawn to Peru because it is a land of superlatives:

Its precious Amazon rain forest holds the most biodiversity on earth.

The magnificent Cordillera Blanca mountain range not only has Huascarán, the highest tropical peak on the planet, but Alpamayo, internationally renowned as “the most beautiful mountain in the world.”

The Inca formed the largest and most advanced pre-Columbian empire in the hemisphere.

Year-after-year, startling discoveries of hidden ruins and ancient artifacts maintain Peru’s long-established reputation as the greatest treasure trove of archaeological wealth in the Americas.

For 28 years, Fertur Peru Travel has built a reputation for unsurpassed personal attention, so that visitors can go home counting Peru as the greatest and most memorable travel experience possible.

We look forward to serving you.

Siduith Ferrer Herrera,
General Manager

Our office locations:

Lima Center Office:
Jirón Junín 211, Lima 15001, Perú
(+51-1) 427-2626
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Miraflores Office:
Calle Schell 485, Miraflores, Lima 15074, Perú
(+51-1) 242-1900
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