Where to find the best anticuchos in Lima

Where to find the best anticuchos in Lima

Update: Grimanesa Vargas Araujo now has her own restaurant.

Dying to try some real local street food in Lima, but worried about the consequences? Here’s a way to enjoy a  mainstay Peruvian dish that won’t have you regretting it the next day.

One of the most beloved food stalls in the capital  is La Esquina de la Grimanesa, the Corner of Grimanesa, at the  corner of Enrique Palacios and 27 de Noviembre, Miraflores. It’s a few blocks, about 15 minutes walk or a short taxi ride, from Parque Kennedy in the heart of Miraflores, Lima’s seaside tourist district.

Grimanesa Restaurant in Miraflores

The stall is a one woman show run by Grimanesa Vargas Araujo, who’s been selling anticuchos here for 30 years. The grilled beef hearts on skewers are marinated in vinegar, garlic, cumin and chili, and they’re an Afro Peruvian favorite. Some travellers balk at the idea, or the texture.. but if you’re game, it’s a spicy snack, served with choclo, a large-grained, savory corn.

Grimanesa Vargas Araujo, has been perfecting and selling Anticucho for decades. The grilled beef hearts on skewers are marinated in vinegar, garlic, cumin and chili. They’re absolutely delicious.

Grimanesa or Tia Grima has become something of a mini-celebrity, earning a prominent mention in a recent Washington Post article on Lima’s burgeoning culinary reputation.

5:00 pm to 11:00 pm every day except  Sundays. Cash only.

Find this restaurant on Google Street View

This map shows the way to the stall.

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Authored by: Rick Hind

Rick Hind is an Australian journalist who took the plunge two years ago with his partner Anna to explore a new continent and learn Spanish along the way. In the last two years he’s trekked in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, explored the Amazon in an open canoe, hiked through Patagonia, tangoed in Buenos Aires and learned to surf in Lima. Peruvian cuisine has captured his heart, and he’s still trying to master ceviche, rocoto relleno and make the perfect pisco sour.

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