Cusco’s Octava festival, wrapping up Corpus Christi 2013

Cusco’s Octava festival, wrapping up Corpus Christi 2013

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Today, after seven days of celebration of Corpus Christi in the Inca capital Cusco, the saints were carried from the Cathedral and surrounding churches for Octava.

It’s a fabulous spectacle of 15 saints, most prominently San Francisco, and a host of costumed participants, juxtaposing the opposing influences of Spanish and Inca world views.

usco dish chiriuchu

Another highlight is the food festival that takes place in the Plaza San Francisco, where scores of booths serve thousands of people a traditional dish known as Chiriuchu, or cold plate, along with copious amounts of beer.

Tourists and locals flock to Plaza San Francisco for chiriuchu (cold plate), the traditional dish of the Octavo Festival

The plate consists of Andean cheese, roasted guinea pig, aromatic sausages, boiled hen and a fragrant corn bread called torreja.

Preparing amazing traditional Cusco cuisine

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