The Day of Afro-Peruvian Culture: June 4

June 4 is the day Nicomedes Santa Cruz (1925-1992) was born. He was a pioneer in modern Afro-Peruvian poetry, journalism and music.

So in May 2006, Peruvian lawmakers formally declared his birthday the official Day of Afro-Peruvian Culture.

Santa Cruz gave voice to the everyday Afro-Peruvian experience,  popularizing the poetic tradition of Décima verse:

“De Africa llegó mi abuela / vestida con caracoles / la trajeron lo’españoles / en un barco carabela” [‘My grandmother came from Africa / adorned in shells, / Spaniards brought her / in a caravel ship’] (Décimas 29).

Santa Cruz played a leading role in the recovery, reconstruction and preservation of Afro-Peruvian musical and dance traditions. Santa Cruz, along with his sister, Victoria, compiled, recorded and performed forgotten Afro-Peruvian rhythms such as festejo, zaña, landó, samba-malato, panalivio and socabón.

(More Info: Introduction to Nicomedes Santa Cruz)


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