Colca Canyon Tours from Arequipa: Excursions and More

Colca Canyon Tours from Arequipa: Excursions and More

Reaching depths of more than 10,000 feet, Peru’s Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. With its location just a short distance from the culture-rich “White City,” Colca Canyon tours from Arequipa are a wonderful option for your trip to Peru.

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About the Colca Canyon

Carved by the rushing waters of the Colca River, the Colca Canyon has been a hotbed of civilization for possibly as long as three millennia. It was settled by a smattering of pre-Inca cultures before being incorporated into the Inca empire in the 14th century.

Colca Canyon: Image by pvdberg on Pixabay

One of the most distinctive features of the Colca Canyon reflects this anthropological history; the lush mountainsides are decorated with Inca and pre-Inca terraces that give the valley a singularly Andean aesthetic.

Today, it is the third-most frequented tourist attraction in Peru. Travelers come from far and wide to trek through the valley, take in the beauty and culture, and, above all, to see the Andean condor in its natural habitat.

At Cruz del Condor (Condor’s Cross), a scenic spot in the valley, one can see dozens of Colca Canyon condors gliding majestically through the mountain air. To see the incredible birds in the wild is an unforgettable and uniquely Peruvian experience. On our blog, you’ll find information about best times to see condors in Colca Canyon and more.

Colca Canyon condor

Colca Canyon tours from Arequipa are a must-do for travelers in Peru, especially those already planning to visit “The White City” (Arequipa).

Colca Canyon Tours

So what do tours through the Colca Canyon entail? And why is Colca Canyon worth it?

There are various types of tours, ranging from one-day jaunts to week-long (or longer!) treks. They range from strenuous to leisurely in terms of pace and effort. Fertur’s Colca package is a 4-day, 3-night experience that covers both Arequipa and Colca.

The first day of the tour is in Arequipa, one of Peru’s largest cities and a place known for its exquisite cuisine and culture. In addition to seeing the city’s picturesque main plaza, you’ll get a tour of the historic Santa Catalina Monastery (built in the 16th century) and a visit to the Yanahuara Mirador, which boasts panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes.

💡 (This Arequipa map might be useful to help you orient yourself with Arequipa and the surrounding region.)

On the second day, you’ll set out for the Colca Canyon, touring the gorgeous, verdant landscapes and visiting charming hamlets to experience the lovely culture of the canyon. You’ll also visit the Colca Canyon hot springs to enjoy a rejuvenating soak in the thermal baths.

After staying overnight at a hotel in Colca, you’ll visit the famous Cruz del Condor in the morning and have the chance of observing the breathtaking sight of Andean condors in their natural habitat. You’ll spend the rest of the day enjoying the flora, fauna, and culture of Colca before transferring back to Arequipa just in time for dinner.

On the last day, you’ll have breakfast at the hotel and transfer to your next destination!

How to Visit Colca Canyon

If stunning landscapes, wild condors, and authentic, indigenous culture sound like your cup of tea, Colca is a perfect destination for you.

We encourage you to visit our page about our Colca Canyon tour 4 days, and please feel free to reach out and request more information on our Colca Canyon tours, either through our contact form or via Whatsapp.

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