Soy Andina: Peruvian Dance & Identity

Filmmaker Mitch Teplitsky has just relaunched the new and improved Web site for his documentary Soy Andina, the award-winning story about cultural reawakening through dance.

Click here to buy the DVD of Soy AndinaThis uplifting movie weaves the personal stories of Nélida Silva, a Peruvian-born immigrant New Yorker, and Cynthia Paniagua, born and raised in Queens by her Peruvian mother and Puerto Rican father.

Peru’s rich and diverse tradition of dance is what connects the women as they undertake overlapping, but very different, journeys to reconnect with their cultural roots.

For a dose of inspiration, check this film out.


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  1. Mitchell Teplitsky at 3:27 pm

    Thank you Rick. You are so good at describing and promoting Soy Andina, better than me! Of course I’ve also seen you in action on the Peruvian dance floor, you commendably walk the talk. Or dance the prance…well something like that

  2. Mitchell Teplitsky at 3:29 pm

    Thank you Rick – you are a master at promoting Soy Andina, better than me. And no slouch on the Peruvian dance floor yourself, I’ve seen you in action. You speak from experience!

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