Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets re-imagined by real life heroine from Cusco

Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets re-imagined by real life heroine from Cusco

We all know that Wonder Woman was a princess of the Amazon, an unconquerable female warrior. Well, Peru has an artisan Wonder Woman of its own.

Gal Gadot might want to slip on these magic bracelets to fight her foes.

Her name is Doris Barrientos, a master artisan from the Maranganí district, in the province of Canchis in Cusco.

Barrientos reinterpreted the “Wonder Woman” bracelets, using traditional embroidery techniques and incorporating iconography from Cusco. She says she was inspired by the strength and courage of Peruvian women and sought to highlight the empowerment of women artisans through the  revaluation of their cultural identity.

Her Andean-style “Wonder Woman” bracelets were exhibited during the Premiere of the film in Lima and on the Red Carpet for the grand Latin American screening of Wonder Woman last week in Mexico, according to Peru’s business daily Gestion.

Barrientos is president of the Asociación Margaritas de Maranganí, a traditional artisan collective for women in Canchis, a traditional weaving Mecca that is a 2½-hour journey south from the Inca capital city of Cusco.

She started to learn traditional weaving patterns and embroidering techniques from the time she was 12, taught by her mother and father.

She was awarded the “Anonymous Heroine” prize earlier this year at the 2017 WAPA Awards, organized by WAPA magazine, a popular glossy women’s magazine published  in Peru’s capital, Lima.

Doris Barrientos, a master artisan from Cusco.

Her Wonder Woman bracelets will be auctioned,  Gestion reported today, with proceeds going to the Asociación Margaritas de Maranganí.

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