The Cusco School of Painting

The Cusco School of Painting

Have you ever heard of the famous depiction of  Christ’s Last Supper in the Cathedral of Cusco, where the main dish is a roasted guinea pig?

Have you ever heard of that painting described as being Cuzco Baroque?

Well, it’s not. Marcos Zapata painted his Last Supper in 1748, nearly a half century after the Baroque period had ended.

There’s a popular tendency to incorrectly lump all Cusco School (Escuela Cuzqueña) of painting into that one particular historic category of art.

Here is a very brief rundown, with examples, of the main periods of the Cusco School, famous for the intertwining of Catholic themes with Andean iconography with the intent to evangelize native communities.

Mannerist: 1580-1660

Baroque: 1660-1700

Diego Quispe Tito – La sagrada familia y los ángeles

Syncretist: 1700-1790

Guinea pig, an Andean delicacy, features prominently in this Cuzco portrait of The Last Supper


Pintura Popular: 1700-1790

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