Exploring Cusco – A great introduction to Inca sites

Exploring Cusco – A great introduction to Inca sites

Machu Picchu has been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, but visitors are often surprised by gaps in knowledge about the Lost City of the Inca.  Why was it abandoned at the time of the Spanish conquest? How did the Inca move the enormous stone blocks into place without using the wheel or metal tools? How do we find the answers when the Inca left no written history?

Exploring Cusco, by Peter Frost, is now out of print. But if you can get your hands on a copy, it will definitely enhance your Cusco vacation.Peter Frost’s book Exploring Cusco sifts through the layers of debate and the avalanche of new-age speculation surrounding Machu Picchu and the other great stoneworks left by the Inca in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Its no-nonsense attitude and clear, conversational style make for an entertaining primer on the subject.  It’s also short enough to get through and small enough to fit in a pocket or day pack.

It’s easy to find when you get to Cusco, although you can buy it online, if you know where to look. The Peruvian Times Store has Exploring Cusco for only $10, plus shipping.

Update: Exploring Cusco is now out of print. But you should check out Peter Frost’s Web site.

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Authored by: Rick Hind

Rick Hind is an Australian journalist who took the plunge two years ago with his partner Anna to explore a new continent and learn Spanish along the way. In the last two years he’s trekked in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, explored the Amazon in an open canoe, hiked through Patagonia, tangoed in Buenos Aires and learned to surf in Lima. Peruvian cuisine has captured his heart, and he’s still trying to master ceviche, rocoto relleno and make the perfect pisco sour.

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