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Machu Picchu visitor entry in two shifts set to begin this month


Visitors to Machu Picchu will  want  to read this important news about imminent  changes to  the ticketing system for entry into  the ruins, set to being  this month (July 2014)It appears a new ticketing system for visitors to Machu Picchu to enter the Inca citadel in two shifts, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, could be coming sooner than previously announced — this month, in fact.

Ricardo Ruiz Caro, chief of Cusco’s regional Culture Directorate, told reporters that the new policy could take effect as soon as July 15.

The first shift would be from 6 a.m. until 1 p.m. and the second from 1 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Alarmingly, Ruiz Caro indicated that the early entry would be for foreign visitors, while “preference” would be given to Cusco locals and Peruvian citizens in the later shift, along with a 30% discount for the inconvenience.

He did not elaborate and Ministry of Culture officials in Cusco haven’t been forthcoming about exactly how this new ticketing system is going to work.

The measure would continue through the rest of the high season, which ends in October, Ruiz Caro said.

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Barranco’s Bridge of Sighs to undergo makeover

Peru’s tourism ministry and the district of Barranco are about to embark on a major makeover of one of Lima’s best known spots for lovers to steal an enchanted kiss.

Barranco’s famed nighttime attraction for traveling couples, el Puente de los Suspiros, or the Bridge of Sighs, will undergo a 940 thousand sole (or about $338,000) restoration. The work is scheduled to begin later this month, and should be completed in September. It’s part of a larger 10 million sole renewal project, that will also repair the dilapidated La Hermita Chapel.

Major makeover planned for Barranco's best known makeout spot, the Puente de los Suspiros

The work will include replacing the rotted and damaged pine planks that span the 92-foot long bridge, built in 1876.

“There will be no modification to the design, nor will they build any additions. It’s just restoration,”  said Barranco’s district mayor, Jessica Vargas.

Legend has it that if you can successfully hold your breath while walking the full expanse of the bridge while concentrating on a romantic wish, your heart’s desire will be granted.


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Best airline for stunning ice peak mountain views during flight to Cusco


Seek out the clear views of glacial peaks on the flight to CuscoPeru travel advice: Always fly P.O.S.H. to Cusco (Port Out Starboard Home).

If you haven’t already heard, when you fly to Cusco from Lima, you’re going to want to grab a window seat on the port (left) side of the cabin. On the way back to Lima, you’re going to want to cross the aisle to the starboard (right) side.

From those vantage points, on a clear day, you will witness glorious views of some of the world’s most majestic ice peak mountain ranges.

Some airlines’ planes are better suited than others for this purpose. Read More »

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Machu Picchu visitor schedule to change and bathrooms to be added

But the aim is not to increase the number of tourists entering the Inca sanctuary, officials insist

A new ticketing system will be implemented by year’s end for visitors to Machu Picchu to enter the Inca citadel in two shifts, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, Peru’s vice minister of Culture said this week.

The change is being made to streamline access and even out load capacity at the ruins, Luis Jaime Castillo told reporters.

“The idea of creating two shifts is not to put more people into Machu Picchu, but rather to distribute them more adequately,” he said. “As it stands now, 90 percent of visits to the sanctuary occur in the morning, and the rest in the afternoon. In other words, the current distribution is not right.”

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Cusco wants in on Choquequirao Cable Car action

Choquequirao cable car project tug-of-war

A legal tug-of-war is brewing over the little known ancient Peruvian citadel of Choquequirao — often referred to as Machu Picchu’s sister city.

With plans underway to build Peru’s first cable cars to the 15th century mountaintop ruins, regional officials in Cusco are threatening to file a court injunction against neighboring Apurímac to halt the project. They contend that Cusco has been left out of the planning  and the potential tourism revenue it would reap.

The cable cars will travel 2.8 miles (5.4km) from Kiuñalla in Apurímac department to the Choquequirao archeological park in Cusco department, crossing the Apurímac canyon. Travel time will be 15 minutes and the system will be able to carry 400 people an hour. Read More »

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