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Machu Picchu Word Jumble


Solve the Machu Picchu puzzle

Solve the Machu Picchu puzzle

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How to pronounce the name of that awesome ruins above Cusco

Sacsayhuaman, Sacsawaman... Sexy Woman... no matter how you pronounce it, the Inca temple fortress remains one of the greatest structures ever built.
On the hillside above Cuzco lies the temple fortress of Sacsayhuamán… or is it Saqsaywaman?

The spelling, pronunciation and meaning of the name of this awe-inspiring titanic feat of Inca megalithic architecture has evolved over the centuries.

Many a guide will instruct English-speakers on tour in Cusco to start with the words Sexy Woman (cringe), and work from there:


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See yourself in the star mirrors of Machu Picchu

Mortars of Machu Picchu - Theory: They reflect astronomical movement and the passage of the sun across the zenith

When Hiram Bingham embarked on his second, more thorough, expedition to Machu Picchu in 1912, he came upon two large bowl-shaped objects hewn into a solid granite floor.

He was sure he had stumbled into the Inca’s kitchen.

Monolithic kitchen utensils at Machu Picchu - Bingham 1912 ExpeditionThe carved granite boulders in the floor were obviously “utensils” for grinding corn and chuño, a traditional freeze dried potato, he surmised.

Bingham even asked one of his Indian workers to pose with a large stone “pestle” laying nearby to demonstrate his conclusion.

For decades, that interpretation held sway.

But somewhere halfway between Bingham’s death in 1956 and the centennial  celebration of his “scientific discovery” of the Inca Citadel, researchers started to dispute that interpretation, as they did many of his theories.

For one thing, “the depressions are far wider than historical or current Andean mortar-stones would suggest,” noted Hugh Thomson, author of terrific, must-read books, like Cochineal Red and The White Rock: An Exploration of the Inca Heartland. Read More »

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Design of new visitor complex entrance chosen for Machu Picchu


Architectural illustration of what the new ticket office and entrance to Machu Picchu would look likeThe design of a new visitors’ center and entry management point for Machu Picchu was chosen last week, the Peruvian Times reports.

Architect Michelle Llona’s project won the national competition. It was chosen from among four final architectural proposals.

Officials from Peru’s Ministry of Culture announced in January that they were evaluating plans to create a visitor and research center, as well as relocate the entry point into Machu Picchu from the current entrance just outside the mountaintop ruins to down below in the deep river gorge.

“Every year the number of visitors to Machu Picchu increases,” Culture Minister Diana Álvarez Calderón said in a statement, announcing the winning design. “As the Ministry of Culture we are working to ensure its conservation and provide adequate attention to the tourists.”

Construction of the $3 million project is planned to begin in the latter half of 2016.

Plans for a new, improved gateway into Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage cultural and natural site in 1983. The terms of its preservation is mandated under the U.N. convention, as well as Peruvian law.

With nearly 1.2 million visitors to the ancient Inca citadel last year, Machu Picchu far exceeded the daily maximum of tourists agreed to with UNESCO.  Peru is now under intense pressure to make drastic changes in order to avoid the iconic ancient citadel being added to UNESCO’s list of endangered sites. Read More »

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Antonio Banderas’ tribute to the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu & Peruvian friends

I am so taken with Cusco, with Machu Picchu, with these marvelous people - Antonio Banderas wroteSpanish actor Antonio Banderas left more than a simple thank you note in the hotel guest book last month, following the Inca Trail trek he took with his teenage daughter to Machu Picchu.

The Hollywood leading man wrote a veritable ode to the Inca capital and its people.

Banderas had promised to return to Peru earlier this year after a visit for a charity event, and he made good.

Accompanied by his 17-year-old daughter Stella Del Carmen, he visited Cusco’s main archaeological sites and participated in the “Virgen Del Carmen” festival in Paucartambo, before setting off on the four-day Inca Trail. Read More »

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