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Mr. Monopoly Tours Lima in Search of Votes

Mr. Monopoly takes a walking our of Lima, the City of Kings

Mr. Monopoly landed in Lima earlier this month. He’s touring the historic city’s sites here in search of votes for The City of Kings’ inclusion as one of 22 world properties in the next edition of the classic Hasbro board game.

Monopoly is coming up on its 80th anniversary. (No wonder Peru is on Mr. Monopoly’s bucket list!)   Read More »

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13th Annual National Pisco Sour Day!

Eloy Cuadros, renowned head barman from the legendary Hotel Maury bar, mixes up the perfect pisco sour.

Eloy Cuadros, renowned head barman at the legendary Hotel Maury bar, mixes up the perfect pisco sour.

It was 13 years ago today that the tradition was born: The first Saturday of every February is Peru’s National Pisco Sour day.

Journalist Virginia Rey-Sanchez, then a reporter for Dow Jones Newswire, was the person who first proposed the idea of a day dedicated to Peru’s delectable cocktail to her friend and mentor Raul Vargas, the voice of Radioprogramas radio, and publicist Gustavo Rodriguez.

They then turned to this man, Eloy Cuadros, head barman of the legendary Maury Hotel bar in historic downtown Lima, to provide the official recipe.

Visitors from all over the world — American, French, Spanish, Chinese, Canadian —  make it  a point to take a break during their  tour of Lima to stop by the Maury bar and have one its legendary Pisco Sours, mixed by Eloy Cuadros.

“I gave the official recipe in 2002, when the official day of pisco sour was first declared,” says Cuadros, as he mixes up a double. “Three-one-one. Three parts pisco, one of (simple) syrup, one of lime juice, an egg white, mix with ice and finish with a drop of (Angostura) bitters.”  Read More »

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Make Arequipa a port of call on a luxury cruise vacation

Fertur Peru Luxury Cruise, incorporating the amazing sites of Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu

The Port of Matarani in Arequipa is vying to be a port of call for cruise ship passengers to enjoy the attractions of the “White City,” the port’s CEO told Peruvian business daily Gestión.

Erick Hein, head of Terminal Internacional del Sur (Tisur), tells the newspaper that 10 international cruise lines made Arequipa one of its stops along the South American West coast during 2014.

“Just in January, four cruise ships will visit us, which is a great opportunity for micro, small and medium-sized companies in the tourism, food and transport sectors, among others,” he said.

The 10 large cruise ships that arrived in Matarani in 2014 came mainly from Europe and Asia and America.

The cruise lines included Regatta, Delphin, Seven Seas Marine, Silver Spirit, Le Boreal, Europe, Explorer Silver Shadow and Minerva.

Contact Fertur Peru Travel if you would like to incorporate Peruvian attractions, like Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, and Machu Picchu into a luxury cruise vacation.

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Arequipa tour attraction Juanita mummy placed in deep freeze

The famous Ice Maiden mummy will be absent from the standard city tour of Arequipa through April 2015 while she undergoes her annual deep freeze treatment to ensure her preservation.

The famous exhibition of the Juanita Mummy, also known as “The Ice Maiden,” in the city of Arequipa, will be closed until April 31, as she’s been placed in a preservation chamber for her annual deep freeze sojourn.

The 12-year-old Inca girl, who was ritually sacrificed around 1440 to appease the gods of Mount Ampato, is now hermetically sealed and will be kept in total darkness at a constant temperature of 20 degrees below zero. Read More »

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Ancient Link Between Chinese And Peruvian Civilizations?

Taotie vs Moche Decapitor - family resemblance
Peru’s leading newspaper El Comercio ran a story a few days ago about the possible link between the ancient Shang Dynasty of China (1600 BC – 1046 BC) and Peru’s ancient Chavin civilization, which emerged around 1000 BC.

Archaeologist Tang JigenThe piece focused on Chinese archaeologist is Tang Jigen, who wants to use DNA testing to put his theory to the test.

“We have reached the point where it is necessary to do scientific studies. I propose to compare DNA from remains of the Shang dynasty with Chavin or later cultures,” Jigen told El Comercio. “We can send samples to laboratories in the U.S. or Canada. Only with these tests can we validate a shared past.”

Jigen bases his theory, in part, on legends about the collapse of the Shang Dynasty. It is said that the dynasty’s ruler, Prince Yin, left China and headed east with his army. He also points to similarities in iconography of Shang artifacts and those of the Chavin and the later Mochica, Nazca and Paracas cultures. Read More »

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