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Fertur Peru Travel celebrates 20th year serving travelers

banner-aniversario-fertur-20-anos-inglesWe turned 20 today!

We started from humble beginnings: an information desk in the iconic backpacker Hostal España and a shared office on Jirón Belén. Since then, Fertur Peru Travel has grown to maturity with two offices in Lima (one in the historic center and the other in Miraflores) and our Cusco office to manage direct ground operations.

Fertur Peru Travel's staff from the Lima and Miraflores office got together to celebrate the tour company's 20th anniversary Read More »

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New Years 2015 in Peru’s Central Amazon with Hotel Chanchamayo Inn

Party in Amazon. New Year's Celebration in Peru's Central Amazon Jungle

Ring in New Year 2015 in Peru’s central Amazon and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Junin and Pasco (from December 29 to January 1, 2015 ). Read More »

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Seven reasons to visit the temple fortress of Kuelap on your vacation to Peru

Last week Peru’s government signed a partnership agreement with a French company to build a cable car system to reach the Chachapoya temple fortress of Kuelap in Peru’s northeast Amazon cloud forest.

Here are the top seven reasons why you should visit the site, preferably before the $17.9 million building concession — scheduled for completion in 2016 — is shuttling hundreds of tourists a day to the still relatively remote site.


Visit a mystic and mysterious ancient fortress in Peru's northeastern Amazon cloud forest

1. Grandeur
Kuelap is one of Peru’s great, lesser known archaeological treasures, often called the “Machu Picchu” of the North. Its towering ramparts were built onto a mountain ridge at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, by the fierce and mysterious Chachapoyas culture, which dominated the region between 1000 and 1400 AD. The gigantic outer wall  that protects the city is more than 25 feet high and extends more than 656 yards, encircling the ruins. A impenetrable fortress has a series of guard posts and a tower built overlooking a sheer cliff. The three entrances are so narrow that invaders would have no choice but to enter in single file.

2. Get ahead of the Tipping Point
Visits to Kuelap increased nearly 20 percent during the first nine months of 2014, compared with the same period last year. The total number of visitors through the third quarter this year was 27,286 (Source: PromPeru / National Directorate for Culture – Amazonas).  Kuelap’s popularity is building toward critical mass, and a tipping point when awareness of the ancient site spreads exponentially like wildfire.

3. People in high places say Kuelap is going to be Peru’s next hot destination
“Kuelap could easily be a second Machu Picchu,” Peru’s President Ollanta Humala told reporter last week after signing the deal with French consortium Pomagalski to build the cable cars.  “With Kuélap, we can create a tourist package as competitive as in the south (of Peru).” Read More »

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Famous 12 angle Inca stone topped but not overshadowed by 13 angle stone

Martin Chambi - The Stone of Twelve Angles - Cusco - 1925For centuries, it was held up as the preeminent example of Inca polygonal stone masonry: the famous 12-angle stone.

The massive jigsaw piece is carved with 12 angles to fit perfectly with the stones around it in a monumental foundation on Hatun Rumiyoc Street in Cusco. It is widely believed to have once been part of the palace of Inca Roca, the sixth Sapa Inca ruler of the Kingdom.

The 12-angle stone’s iconic curves are a mainstay of the Peruvian esthetic. It extends beyond Peru’s borders, from tourist lounges and kitsch hostal lobbies all the way to  haughty university classrooms in the United States and Europe.

Art historian Adam Herring wrote about it in an excellent semiotic study, Shimmering Foundation: The Twelve-Angled Stone of Inca Cusco.

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda referred to its angled form as “rocky petals,” Herring noted, and a young Ché Guevara called it “an ingma in stone.”

When you tour Cusco, see how  many times you can spot the 12-angle stone incorporated into business signs and logosCountless businesses, including Peru’s most important railroad concession, PeruRail, and beer company, Cuzqueña, have engraved the stone into their corporate identities.

Now comes news just released by Peru’s Ministry of Culture that, far from the tourist Mecca that is Cusco, in an isolated Inca ruins called Inkawasi de Huaytará, archaeologists have discovered a carved stone with 13 angles.

That’s right, thirteen. Read More »

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Bargain flights to Cusco and other destinations on Peruvian Airlines from $59

Cheap flights in October with Peruvian Airlines to Cusco, Arequipa, Iquitos, Tarapoto, Pucallpa and TacnaBargain Travel Alert! Book now and save on the purchase of airline tickets for domestic routes with Peruvian Airlines. OCTOBER special!

Read More »

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