Cumbemayo AqueductCumbemayo offers a site of singular beauty that reveals a mixture of human ingenuity and the power of water to change the landscape. The complex is composed of three important archaeological groups: the Aqueduct, the Sanctuary and the Caves and Shelters. The aqueduct is an ingenious work of hydraulic engineering that belongs to the initial period of the Cajamarca culture (1000BC). The five kilometer long canal takes water from the Atlantic watershed and redirects it to the Pacific side of the continental divide. The Sanctuary is a rocky structure with the appearance of a gigantic human head. It features engravings similar to those found on the aqueduct, and similar carvings can be found in the caves and stone monoliths that litter the valley.

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Location Access
Province: Cajamarca
20 kilometers from
the city of
45 minutes from
A path winds 15
kilometers across
complex in a
horseshoe shape
4 hours on foot to
cross the complex
District: Cajamarca
On the slopes of
Cumbe Peak (3400
meters above sea
Site Details
Entrance Fee:
Opening Hours:
Museum & Other Services:
Adults S/.4.50,
Children and
Monday to Sunday
9:00 – 17:00
Interpretation hall,

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