Ferrocarril Centro Andino Train - Lima-Huancayo-Lima - Photo © Fertur Peru Travel EIRL / Manuel Medir Roca

Fertur Peru Travel is a direct seller of tickets for the classic train route between Lima and Huancayo on the Ferrocarril Central Andino (Central Andean Railway). It’s a classic journey aboard the highest-altitude train in the Western Hemisphere. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience, offering magnificent panoramas and majestic Andean mountain ranges.

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Central Andean Railroad 2020 Schedule!

Don’t just watch videos of this great trip on Youtube, experience the classic train journey from Lima to Huancayo!

This locomotive always sets out promptly at 07:00 a.m. Take this into account and get to the station at least half an hour before departure, with your tickets in hand.

Passenger takes photos of Peru's Central Andean highlands from the Observation Car of the Cental Andean Railway between Lima and Huancayo - Peru
A Trip Featuring Awesome Andean Mountain Views – A Photographer’s Dream
aboard the Bar - Observation Car of the
Tourist Class Entertainment aboard the Bar-Observation Wagon
A local man on horseback crosses the tracks with his dog as the Central Andean Railroad train passes - A photographer's dream shot
Bring your camera. The photographic opportunities are incredible!

Frequently asked questions about the tickets to Huancayo by train

What are the departure and arrival times?

Lima – Huancayo: 07:00 a.m. Desamparados Station

Approximate arrival: 8:00 p.m.

Huancayo – Lima: 07:00 a.m. Huancayo Station

Approximate arrival: 8:00 p.m.

How to get to the Desamparados Station?
What are the dates of departures and arrivals for 2020?

Calendar of Lima-Huancayo Train for 2020 ~ Reserve your ticket early!

The following dates correspond to the Ferrocarril Central Andino (Central Andean Railway) passenger train departure and return dates for 2020.

Between April to November the train departs and returns 9 times between the Desamparados Station in Lima and the Huancayo Station.

It should be noted that the Ferrocarril Central Andino reserves the right to change these dates due to various factors beyond its control, such as adverse weather, blockage of the rail line due to social protests and/or maintenance or repair of the tracks.

○ Departure from Lima on Thursday, April 9 and return on Sunday, April 12. (Only round-trip tickets sold)

○ Departure from Lima on Friday May 1 and return on Monday May 4.

○ Departure from Lima on Saturday, June 27 and return on Tuesday, June 30.

○ Departure from Lima on Monday, July 27 and return on Thursday, July 30. (Only round-trip tickets sold)

○ Departure from Lima on Saturday, August 29 and return on Tuesday, September 1.

○ Departure from Lima on Friday September 25 and return on Sunday September 27.

○ Departure from Lima on Thursday October 8 and return on Sunday
October 11.

○ Departure from Lima on Thursday, October 30 and return on Monday, November 2.

○ Departure from Lima on Friday, November 20 and return on Sunday, November 22.

Does this train run all year, year-round?

Please note that for 2020 there are NO scheduled departures or arrivals for this train during the months of January, February, March or December

In 2020 the operations are established from April to November. As it appears in the calendar of departures and arrivals of the tourist train that covers the route Lima-Huancayo-Lima.

What can I see during the trip?

Among the attractions that we can highlight in this scenic trip include the Carrión Bridge, the longest of the Central Railroad, located at kilometer 84.4, spanning 218 meters long over an 80-meter gorge.

In total this train crosses 58 bridges and six zig-zags switchback points. Of course we can not fail to mention El Infiernillo Bridge, located at kilometer 129.5 of the Central Railway with a length of 72.78 meters. The same one that joins two tunnels from mountain to mountain.

How long is the train ride from Lima to Huancayo?

It lasts approximately 14 hours, a suitable interval to admire the natural beauty of our Andes.

Two Passenger ticket classes and wagons

Here we detail the differences between the Tourist and Classic Cars of the train to Huancayo. Please take not in order to specify which you want so your Fertur Peru Travel consultant can quote you the correct price.

Classic Ticket Class

  • These are the traditional Wagons with seats facing each other, separated by a table
  • Box breakfast and lunch included
  • A professional nurse available with oxygen in case the altitude bothers you
  • Tourist information (in Spanish)
  • Accident insurance.

Tourist Ticket Class

  • Panoramic Wagons with reclining seats
  • Box breakfast and lunch included
  • Air conditioning
  • Professional nurse available with oxygen in case the altitude bothers you
  • Access to the Bar-Observation Car (Courtesy Pisco Sour and live entertainment included during the Lima-Huancayo route)
  • Tourist information (in Spanish)
  • Accident insurance.
Where to buy train tickets to Huancayo?

Buy your tickets for the train from Lima to Huancayo with Fertur Peru Travel, contact our sales executives from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on a continuous schedule .

Do you want to buy your tickets to Huancayo in person at one of our offices?

It would be our pleasure to assist you in one of  our travel agency locations in the Historic Center of Lima and Miraflores. We accept all major credit cards.

Lima’s Historic Center:

Jirón Junín 211 (One block from the Government Palace of Peru).
Lima 1, Peru
(+ 51-1) 427-2626
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Calle Schell 485 (Corner of Calle La Paz and Calle Schell).
Lima 18, Peru
(+51-1) 242-1900
Click here for more information on how to get to the Fertur Peru Travel Office in the district of Miraflores .

The departure schedule for 2020 have now been published! If you want more information, fill out this form and our Inbound office will get back to you.

  1. The trip lasts approximately 14 hours.
  2. It is important that you carry with you your full ticket in order to be permitted entry into the station.
  3. The passenger must arrive to the station 30 minutes before departure time of the Train. There are no refunds if you lose your ticket. Only passengers will be allowed access to the Lima and Huancayo Stations up to 10 minutes before the departure time of the train.
  4. There is no refund for the ticket. A ticket can only be transferred to another passenger or postponed for a future date of travel a single time, with notice of no less than 24 hours before the day and time of departure from Lima by communication to the company. Such a transfer or postponement requires a payment of a penalty of 20% of the value of the travel ticket.
  5. It is forbidden for passengers to get on or off moving trains, open car doors or put their physical integrity at risk during the trip. Passengers deemed in violation of this rule will be removed from the Train, without refund.
  6. Respect the seat number and car number corresponding to your ticket.
  7. The company reserves the right to reassign the seats in the Huancayo-Lima section of the same class, if necessary.
  8. In the case of minors traveling without their parents or guardians, the respective notarial permits must be displayed to board the train.
  9. No animals will be allowed in passenger cars. No exceptions.
  10. Vendors selling goods or services within the Train is prohibited.
  11. Passengers who appear to be intoxicated will not be allowed to board the train, nor will passengers who disturb others be tolerated.
  12. Passengers will only be able to carry within the Train small carry-on luggage or packages that does not exceed 20 kilograms. No luggage or personal items can be placed in the passageways for any reason. In the case of requiring 1 or 2 seats to accommodate  luggage or personal items, you must pay the cost of these seats.
  13. Passengers who do not comply with the provisions of the service or do not respect the observations of authorized personnel will be removed from the Train .
  14. The passenger has the obligation to respect any other provisions indicated by the Company.
  15. Passengers under 5 years of age and over 60 years of age must present a Medical Certificate of good health in order to travel. In the event that passengers suffer from a pre-existing illness, the company will have no responsibility in this regard.
  16. Peruvian fare rates apply ONLY for Peruvian citizens who can present a valid DNI.  Foreign legal residents must pay the same ticket price as foreign tourists.

Information about the Ferrocarril Central Andino S.A.