This fort is also known as the “Machu Picchu of Lima.” The citadel consists of 51 buildings, of which 28 still have their roofs intact. Some of them measure up to 10 meters high. Together with the archaeological complexes of Chiprac, Canta Marca and Añay, Rupac-Marca Cullpi belongs to the Atahuallos culture (900AD-1460AD). The main building in this citadel is the castle of Marca Cullpi. The structures in this citadel are rectanglar with triple terraced cornices. When archaeologists discovered the “chullpas” or stone burial towers they were in good condition. As at Machu Picchu, the plaza has windows cut in trapezoidal shapes, and the tunnels and tombs are admirably preserved.

Location Access
Province: Huaral
10 kilometers from
the town of
Four hours on foot
from Huallopampa
to the complex
55 kilometers from
Huaral to
Two hours drive
from Huaral to
District: Atavillos Bajo
Near the town of
Salvador de
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