Part of the Route of the Gods (from Pachacamac to Xauxa, at the base of the snow-capped peak Pariacaca, named after the pre-Inca god of water), it is seen not only as a road, but also as a ceremonial path that pilgrims could follow to the Altar to Pariacaca, considered by some historians to be one of the most important burial sites in Peru. Upon arrival you can observe the open-air altars and the Pariacaca ridge, part of a mountain range that’s the starting point for the Cañete and Mantaro Rivers. When the Inca conquered the coast and the Central Highlands of modern Peru, there were two important ceremonial centers dedicated to Pachacamac and Pariacaca. There, ancient peoples predating the Inca participated in a cult of the “Apus,” deity spirits that embodied the summits of mountains (an ancient religious concept that’s not unique to the Andes).

Location Access
Province: Yauyos
From San Juan de
Tantarache in the
Mala River basin,
to Ocscha the path
climbs to Tambo
Real, then through
Macia, to reach the
staircase of
continuing along
the Pumaruri
ravine to the
Tiopata Hill.
At the tributary of
Lake Mullococha,
cross and begin
the ascent toward
Lake Escalera.
The trek from
Tambo Real to
Escalera takes
approx. eight
District: Tanta
At the source of the
Cañete River
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