An Inca archaeological site, its construction is associated with the campaign fought against the Lord of the Guarcos (1450AD), in the province now known as Cañete. The site was constructed to be the General’s quarters for Túpac Yupanqu and was built of stone. You can recognize three sectors or neighborhoods: Barrio Incaico (for army officials), Barrio Religioso (possibly inhabited by troops) and the Palace of the Inca, a building that forms a trapezoidal shape at its highest point. The site is related to the archaeological sites at Cerro Azul, Huacones and Cerro del Oro (from the Guarco culture).

Location Access
Province: Cañete
15 km from
Lunahuaná District
20 Minutes
60 kilometers from
San Vincente de
45 Minutes
District: Lunahuaná
km 29.5 via Cañete
and Lunahuaná
Site Details
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Adult Ticket
N/A A number of operators
in Lunahuana offer the
site as part of their
circuit, but there are
no onsite services