The most important Chavin monument that’s been found in the Lima region is the Ceremonial Center of Garagay. This magnificent temple is perhaps one of the oldest examples of the Chavinoide movement in the region, dated around 1200AD, and could be contemporaneous with the old Temple of Chavin in Huantar. The combined architecture and urban planning is the work of several generations. In the building of the central pyramid it is possible to see the successive additions and replacements that are typical of the construction of such large monuments.

Location Access
Province: Lima
Two blocks from
the Mayta Capac
Ecological Center
2 minutes
District: San Martin de
On the north side of
the Rimac River
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Museum & Other Services:
access, requires
prior permission
from the INC
N/A The site is threatened
by encroaching
construction, a
retaining wall is
needed to delineate a
clear boundary.