These detailed drawings and lines in geometric patterns and animal shapes cover an area 50 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. They are on such a scale that they can only be fully appreciated from the sky. The Nazca Lines have two marked characteristics: the grand size of many of their designs and the shallowness of the outlines dug to create them, between 15 and 30 centimeters. More than 30 geoglyphs in the form of marine and terrestrial animals have been found to date, along with geometric and human figures.

Location Access
Province: Nazca
350 kilometers
from Ica to Nazca
3 or 4 hours by car
25 kilometers from
the city of Nazca to
the lines
15 minutes by car
District: Nazca
between KM 419
and KM 465 of the
Panamerica Sur
Site Details
Entrance Fee:
Opening Hours:
Museum & Other Services:
Metal Lookout
Overflight $40 –
$50 US Tourist
Fee S/.10.00
Monday to Sunday
and holidays 6:00 –
On site museum,
bathrooms, guides
and aerodrome