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The Fortress of SaqsaywamanIn an area above Cusco that contains 33 distinct archaeological sites, the most famous is the Fortress of Saqsaywaman. This complex is considered the most important ceremonial site of the Hanan Qosqo (High Cusco) period. The site has three retaining terraces, featuring huge walls with precisely interlocking stones, creating a zigzag formation. Some speculate the plan was to always be able to outflank a besieging army, others that the shape forms the teeth in the figure of a puma that Cusco was designed to resemble. The fort contains three towers. The Central Tower, called Muyuj Marca “the round place” was a residence for the Incas. Its walls were covered in gold and silver plate. The second tower was known as Paucamarca “the friendly place” and the third tower, called Sallajmarca “the rough place”. The esplanade in front of Saqsaywaman hosts the Inti Raymi festival held every 24th of June.

Location Access

Province: Cusco
District: Cusco
Local Reference: N/A
Distance: 2 kilometers northeast of Cusco
Time: 10 minutes by car

Site Details

Entrance Fee: Requires Tourist Ticket (Boleto Turistico)
Foreigners S/.130
Foreign students & local adults S/.70
Local Students S/.40
Opening Hours: Entry from 8:00 – 15:00 Monday to Sunday, closing time 17:00
Museum & Other Services: N/A