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Quenqo ceremonial siteQenqo (“labyrinth” in the Quechua language) is considered a cult site where ceremonies were held to honor the sun, moon and stars. The site combines Inca construction techniques with a natural rock formation, out of which corridors and caverns have been carved. Among the structures is an Intihuatana, a solar clock, on top of the rock formation; a zigzag shaped channel that passes nearby, sacred “chicha” (a spirit made from corn) was poured down it for use in ceremonies; an amphitheater, “el tormo” formed of 19 niches, in front of which a stone 6 meters high has been erected, and the room for sacrifices, an underground chamber with tables and cupboards carved into the rock.

Location Access

Province: Cusco
District: Cusco
Local Reference: N/A
Distance: 3 kilometers northeast of Cusco
Time: 15 minutes by car

Site Details

Entrance Fee: Requires Tourist Ticket (Boleto Turistico)
Foreigners S/.130
Foreign students & local adults S/.70
Local Students S/.40
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 – 18:00
Museum & Other Services: N/A