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One of the most significant and extensive archaeological complexes of the Inca Empire, the town of Ollantaytambo has some of the oldest continually occupied dwellings in South America. The Spanish believed the mountainside sites overlooking the town to be a fortresses because of their extraordinary walls and imposing terraces built into the hillside. But Ollantaytambo was actually just a town and ceremonial center strategically located to take full advantage of the convergence of the Patakancha and Urubamba river valleys. The town was built by the emperor Pachacutec to serve as his personal estate. But it played an important part in the final defense of the empire, when Manco Inca repelled the Spanish conquistadors first attempt to take the town. Ollantaytambo has been profiled as a city of perfect urban planning, which is evident from the streets, plazas, water channels, staircases, bridges, towers and temples, all of which reveal incredibly sophisticated stonework.


Location Access

Province: Urubamba
District: Ollantaytambo
Local Reference: N/A
Distance: 77.7 kilometers from Cusco via Chinchero / 97 kilometers northeast of Cusco via Pisac
Time: 2 hours via Chinchero / 2 hours 30 minutes via Pisac

Site Details

Entrance Fee: Requires Tourist Ticket (Boleto Turistico)
Foreigners S/.130
Foreign students & local adults S/.70
Local Students S/.40
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 – 18:00
Museum & Other Services: N/A