Few discoveries have revealed as much interest in recent years as Choquequirao (Chuqui K’iraw in Quechua, “cradle of gold”), which many consider as archaeologically important and extensive as Machu Picchu. It is situated on a high plateau in the Province of La Convencion, in the Vlicabamba Valley. Archaeologists believe that it was one of the last Lost Cities of the Inca, where they took refuge from 1536. Choquequirao is an extraordinary complex that was built in the last years of the Inca Empire (1471-1527 AD). It’s possible that it was one of the points of control and entry to the Vilcabamba region, and an administrative nucleus with political, social and economic functions. It consists of 9 architectural groups, all made of stone, and a system of 180 terraces, along with residential houses, administrative buildings, artists residences and irrigation systems. The site takes up 2 hectares, and is still only partially excavated.

Location Access
Province: La Convención
160 kilometers
from Cusco to the
Saywite turnoff, 15
kilometers from the
Saywite turnoff to
Cachora, 30
kilometers from
Cachora to
4 hours by car or
bus from Cusco to
Saywite turnoff, 30
minutes by car or
bus to Cachora, 12
hours on foot or
mule to
District: Santa Teresa
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