Considered a religious center for a water cult, the complex covers an area of 60 hectares divided into six sectors. Sector 1, the principal monolith, is the main draw. The Monolith of Saywite is a roughly circular block 2.5 meters high and 11 meters in circumference that features more than 200 animal figures and geometric shapes carved in high relief. It’s believed the collection could be a symbolic depiction of the known universe, making it an important ecological resource. The second sector is an area of staircases and fountains. Sector 3 or “Rumi Huasi” is an area of minor monoliths and fountains. In the rest of the Sectors you’ll find small pyramids, more fountains and an area devoted to an “Intihuatana,” a carved rock formation used to measure astronomical movements, especially of the sun and moon.

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Province: Abancay
47 kilometers from
the city of Abancay
1 hour by car from
47 kilometers from
the Abancay-
Cusco turnoff
1 hour 50 minutes
from the turnoff
District: Curahuasi
Community of
Concacha, turn off
at Km 49 of the
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