The old name for this temple was “Punguchuco,” which means “door” or “hat” in the local language. The complex is believed to have been built by the Sechin culture, dating from 2000-1500 BC. The building is made of two platforms connected by a flight of stairs, and was constructed from adobe and flat slabs of stone, connected by mud mortar. The monument covers an area of roughly 3000m2 and reaches a height of 8 meters. Archaeologists believe it was a temple to a cult of the feline, either puma or jaguar. A figure of a great cat is carved into an adobe and stone doorway.

Location Access
Province: Santa
30 kilometers from
20 minutes by car
District: Nepeña
About 2.5
kilometers east of
the town of San
Jacinto – Chimbote
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Free entry Monday to Sunday
8:00 – 17:00