The Pampa de Llamas is an elaborately planned, almost symmetrical urban center in the form of a large central building made from adobe bricks and mud mortar, with smooth-sided walls covered in multi-colored painted murals and high relief carvings. The rounded corners and the human and serpent figures carved on them are reminiscent of the Sechin culture, closely linked to the builders of this complex. The adjoining Mojeque site is famous for the enormous, brightly colored paintings of human faces found in its collection of mud brick houses. The whole complex belongs to the Early Formative Period and is believed to be 3700 years old.

Location Access
Province: Casma
From the KM 7
turnoff on the
Casma – Huaraz
highway, take the
route across the
Pampa Rosario
2 hours 30 minutes
District: San Rafael
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