A housing complex of circular stone buildings associated with the Chachapoyas culture, with rhomboidal and zigzag stone ornamentation, and prominent cornices in their walls. Like all buildings from this period of Chachapoyas dominance (1100 – 1350 AD), they were built from stone with mud mortar. The site is surrounded by a mix of farms and natural vegetation, and from here you can see Jalca Grande, probably the most traditional village in the Amazonas region. The town has a church built in the early days of Spanish colonization in 1540, using Chachapoyas design and decorative techniques.

Location Access
3 kilometers from
La Jalca Grande
45 minutes on foot
35 kilometers from
Chachapoyas to
La Jalca
3 hours 30 minutes
by car
District:La Jalca
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Free entryMonday to Sunday
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