Macro Archaeological SiteA pre-Inca settlement built into a hillside, unusual for the Chachapoyas, who usually built on top of mountain ridges. The 3 hectare complex sits on the southeast slope of a sharp spur, where five platforms have been constructed to support huts and towers built from stone and mortar. The site dates from 1100 to 1300 AD. Stone platforms and house foundations are decorated with rhomboid friezes and wall carvings. It’s calculated that the complex housed 100 people at the height of the Chachapoyas culture, and the town was valued for its artistic contributions.

Location Access
Province: Chachapoyas
8 kilometers from
Magdalena to the
1 hour on foot
37 kilometers from
Chachapoyas to
2 hours 30 minutes
by car
District: Magdalena
50 meters from the
right bank of the
Utcubamba River
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