The Lagoon of the CondorsAn archaeological complex composed of 6 Inca mausoleums that take characteristics from the Chachapoyas culture they conquered. The burial chambers are decorated with rock paintings. Found in the tombs were funeral bundles, fine textiles, ceramics, woodcarvings, “quipus” (the system of knots the Inca used as a writing/accounting system), crowns and many other valuable artifacts. The site overlooks a dark-bottomed lagoon, where it is possible to fish and take a boat trip through a valley full of jungle animals and plants.

Location Access
Province: Chachapoyas
45 kilometers from
Leymebamba to
the Lagoon
12 hours on foot
93.11 kilometers
from Chachapoyas
to Leymebamba
3 hours 30 minutes
by car
District: Leimebamba
Lagoon of the
Mummies or
Site Details
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Opening Hours:
Museum & Other Services:
Free entry N/A Fishing and boating