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This archaeological group appears from its western side to be an open stone facade and a tranquil plaza. From the east it’s a fortress in a strategic location, dominating the surrounding territory and protecting the main road entering Cusco. The site includes numerous enclosures, interior plazas, bathing zones, aqueducts, watchtowers and pathways, which form a complex with a distinctive outline, and an urban plan that’s admirably simple and functional. The strategic location indicates a military function and its use as a customs house for controlling entry into the Inca’s imperial capital.

Location Access

Province: Cusco
District: Cusco
Locality Reference: N/A

Entrance Fee: Requires Tourist Ticket (Boleto Turistico)
Foreigners S/.130
Foreign students & local adults S/.70
Local Students S/.40

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 – 18:00

Museum & Other Services: N/A