Special Cusco and Lake Titicaca Festival Tour

Special Cusco and Lake Titicaca Festival Tour

Here is a special 9-day Vacation Package, featuring Cusco, the Sacred Valley and a private guided tour of Machu Picchu, and culminating with the Virgen de Candelaria Festival on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Price per person $ 1,200 (double room occupancy) 

For those who have Machu Picchu on their bucket list for 2015, who love to explore and experience traditional cultures, who love dance and a great party, this South American tour is for you.

You’ll begin by exploring the historic streets of Cusco, Peru’s famed Inca capital city, with its fascinating museums, and mix of Spanish colonial and Inca architecture and ancient ruins.

In a small group tour, you’ll head into the Sacred Valley, the bread basket of the Inca civilization, and explore the archaeological complex of Ollantaytambo.

A private guided tour of Machu Picchu, the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site on so many people's bucket list for 2015You will have a private guide to explore the most important site of them all, the world-famous ruins of Machu Picchu, the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned  as “an absolute masterpiece of architecture and a unique testimony to the Inca civilization.”

For  the trip from Cusco to Puno, experience the Ruta del Sol (“Route of the Sun”). It is a comfortable and fascinating overland journey with frequent breaks along the way for guided tours of impressive Inca and Wari archaeological sites and amazing views of the high Andean altiplano.

Ruta del Sol, or Route of the Sun, from Cusco to Puno. Travel in comfort with stops along the way for guided tours of Inca and pre-Inca archeaological sites, Andean attractions and to appreciate incredible scenic beauty.The first stop is the Pre-Inca citadel of Pikillacta — Quechua for “City of the Thumbs” — which retains the vestiges of more than 700 structures surrounded by 12-meter high walls built by the Wari Empire.

In the high Andean town of Andahuaylillas, tour the temple of Saint Peter of Andahuaylillas, also known as the Sistine Chapel of the Americas for its rich colonial artworks and painted murals that cover the walls, arches, entrances and ceilings.

A buffet lunch is served on a final stop before the last leg of the journey.

The Diablada puneña has its roots in the spreading of the Catholic faith during Spanish colonial times, and the introduction of the paradigm of good and evil in the form of angels and demons. The next day, there is a boat tour of the world’s highest navigable lake, Titicaca, with visits to the traditional island communities on the floating reed Island of Urus and Tequile.

The Candelaria Festival is one of Peru’s most important religious and cultural celebrations, bringing together thousands of musicians and dancers in ornate traditional costumes. There is wonderful food and plenty of drink as the city of Puno comes alive.

Held during the first two weeks of February each year, the festival honors the patron saint of the city of Puno, the Virgen of Candelaria. A triumvirate of Catholic and highland native traditions — Quechua, Aymara and mestizo — are on display in veneration of the virgin, whose statue is carried through the streets of the city in a richly orchestrated procession.

Visit Peru on this special Cusco & Puno Candelaria 9-day tour

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Day 1: (Feb. 3, 2015) Welcome to Lima – Transfer to Hotel
Day 2: (Feb. 4, 2015)  Airport Transfer – Cusco – Transfer to Hotel – Afternoon City Tour Cusco + surrounding archaeological sites
Day 3: (Feb. 5, 2015)  Cusco – Sacred Valley excursion & small group guided tours – Expedition Train to Aguas Calientes
Day 4: (Feb. 6, 2015) Machu Picchu Excursion & privately guided tour – Cusco
Day 5: (Feb. 7, 2015) Cusco – Ruta del Sol – Puno
Day 6: (Feb. 8, 2015) Urus & Tequile Islands boat tours – Puno
Day 7: (Feb. 9, 2015) Virgin of Candelaria feast Parade
Day 8: (Feb. 10, 2015) Sillustani excursion – Lima – Transfer to Hotel
Day 9: (Feb. 11, 2015) Lima – Airport transfer – Farewell!

The Package Includes:

  • Private transfer in and out in each city
  • City Tour Cusco + Ruins in shared service
  • Sacred Valley excursion + lunch in shared service
  • Train ticket Expedition train Est. Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes
  • Train ticket Vistadome train (Aguas Calientes – Cusco)
  • Machu Picchu excursion in private service + lunch in Sanctuary Lodge
  • Transfer Poroy Train Station – Hotel in Cusco
  • Inka Express Cusco – Puno in shared service + lunch
  • Full day Uros & Taquile in shared service + Lunch
  • Folklore parade Candelaria Feast in shared service + 1 beer + battle water + cotillion
  • Sillustani excursion in private service
  • Train ticket + entrance fee
  • Accommodation in each City of the itinerary + breakfast



  • Subject to availability
  • Price are in USD based on double room occupancy for adults
  • Peruvians and/or legal residents of Peru subject to IGV
  • Prices do not include airfare
  • Prices subject to change without notice
  • Published rate includes 5% surcharge for credit card or bank transfer fee
  • Offer valid for travel through Jan. 31, 2015.


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